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10 ways to improve the security of your wireless network

Mar 152017

Wireless technology is now in almost every business and home, but a wireless network is inherently insecure and it is essential that every business ensures that their wireless networks are secured against the latest threats. Below are 10 simple tips for improving the security of your wireless network.

Implementing a wireless networking system can result in serious security problems if the system is not properly secured. In fact, some Internet service providers have clauses in their agreements that indicate that service is not to be shared with people outside of those covered by the agreement. If you deploy an insecure wireless network, it could result in a loss of service, or in the use of your network as a launching pad for attacks against other networks.

History of wireless technologies

Mar 152017

The development of Wireless technology owes it all to Michael Faraday – for discovering the principle of electromagnetic induction, to James Maxwell - for the Maxwell’s equations and to Guglielmo Marconi – for transmitting a wireless signal over one and a half miles. The sole purpose of Wireless technology is wireless communication, through which information can be transferred between two or more points that are not connected by electrical conductors.

Wireless technologies were in use since the advent of radios, which use electromagnetic transmissions. Eventually, consumer electronics manufacturers started thinking about the possibilities of automating domestic microcontroller based devices. Timely and reliable relay of sensor data and controller commands were soon achieved, which led to the discovery of Wireless communications that we see everywhere now.

Buying A Wireless All In One Printer For All Printing and Copying Needs

Nov 162016

With this new age, we rely more on the things we have around us, especially in the office. This could be our computer, our fax machine, or our copier perhaps. This makes a wireless all in one printer a popular choice if we deal with numerous activities at the office in a normal day at work.If we talk about printers, there are many brands for you to choose from and one of them is Lexmark.

Wireless Access Point Smart Licensing for…Cisco 5520, 8540 and Virtual Wireless Controllers

Oct 252016

In brief, Smart Licensing is a simplified license management system in which all customers’ licenses (for products that are smart license enabled) are managed through a central Cisco smart license cloud portal. The cloud portal maintains an account of what the customer has bought and what they are using. The portal alerts the customer if they go out of compliance.